Essex School of Woodcarving

Essex, Connecticut

Learn from experienced instructors the art of wood carving.  Each class includes materials and classroom tools.   Specialty classes are available for fish, bird, and caricatures carving.  

Currently these classed are completed over 3 days and are from 9am to 3pm with an hour break for lunch each day.

Chip Carving

The best place to start.  This style of carving shows you how to read the grain of wood.  You will learn to carve with the grain and against the grain.  This style of carving is often used by the Swiss and has endless uses.  It can be used in architecture, furniture, sign decorations, and many other household items.

                                                                                                                    Three  - 5 hour days, $300.00

Relief Carving

Here you will learn how to ground out backgrounds, tool designs and how they apply to relief designs for more efficient carving production.  Learn about symbolism and how it was used in furniture and architecture over the years. Learn about different finishes and the proper application for indoor and outdoor use.

Three  - 5 hour days, $350.00

Sign Carving

For those who want to learn typography, appropriate letter styles for businesses, boaters, or domestic uses.  You will learn how to carve letters efficiently for timely production.

Three  - 5 hour days, $425.00


This class is more in the fine arts area.  Here you will learn principles of form, the dynamics of expression, the balance of weight in composition and detail carving.

Three  - 5 hour days, $500.00


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Essex is a beautiful place that is quintessential classic New England.  History, tradition and the beauty of the Connecticut River make our town a place to see.